This variable expertise enables RP Techniek to serve a wide range of clients. It also offers clients the opportunity to meet their requirements by dealing with just one company in many cases. RP Techniek has a very wide range of castings, from 1 to 200,000 Kg and they take care of the complete engineering of the product to completion. We hope to give you a good insight on this website our capabilities. What can we do for you in cast iron, steel castings, forgings and other cast metals:


Castings from 1 to 200,000 Kg. Rod material in iron, brass, aluminum, copper, bronze and steel Cast iron EN-GJS to DIN / EN1561 (GG 20, 25 and 30) Cast iron EN-GJL to DIN / EN1563 (GGG 35, 40, 40.3, 50, 60, 70 and 80) ADI cast iron to DIN / EN1564 with HB to 480 possible (ADI 800 to 1400) Special cast iron such as Ni-Resist (seawater resistant) Centrifugal castings (horizontal up to diameter 800mm and 6000mm length) Centrifugal castings (vertical up to diameter 1700mm and 2000mm height) Machining The iron / steel to give a heat treatment Lost Foam production line Spraying / painting of castings by color Engineering Measurement report Delivery of mold / model Fast delivery and high quality and much more…

ADI – Cured Duktil Iron

Behind the meaning ADI hides an active ingredient group by a favourable combination of strength, toughness and abrasion wear resistant differentiates. ADI has a high static and dynamic resistance value, a good ductility and high toughness. But ADI has even more benefits. The pourability is good and editable. By the cold hardening is a high wear resistance. At cured duktil iron castings can to 6,000 kg with a maximum size of 1,500 x 1,840 x 1,840mm (oven size) fully automatic treated with the ADI-properties.

Duc Tile Cast Iron

Duc Tile Cast Iron is a special kind Cast Iron which the carbon is in the form of spheres in the hardened cast iron. The mechanical properties of this material comes close to the properties of steel castings. By adding some alloying elements the properties of the material will be involved. The array can also be affected by applying a heat treatment.

This material is intended for farmer work and machine industry. New top axes for windmills will be made of this material.

Lammelar Cast Iron

Lammelar Cast Iron is an iron that often occurs. Lammelar Cast Iron is an alloy consisting of Iron, Carbon and Silicon. During cooling
of the cast piece, the carbon separates as graphite lammelas. They will be flat slices of carbon that spread by the cast iron. It’s a good editable alloy, has a large damping capability and a high pressure resistance.

Steel Castings

*Hand shape casting in steel and iron material.

*Material in Iron, Brass, Aluminium, Copper, Bronze and Cast Iron Steel
*Lammelar Cast Iron (DIN/EN1560 GG20, 25 and 30)
*Nodular Cast Iron DIN/EN1563 GGG40.3, 35, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80)
*ADI Cast Iron (DIN/EN1564 with a possibility HB to 480 (ADI 800 till 1400)
*Special Cast Iron like Ni-Resist (Sea Water resistant)
*Steel Castings cast in Furan and Kaltharz
*Give the Iron/Steel a heat treatment



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